Seat Identity

The new brand for Seat, Designed at Landor Associates, Paris. Some of the work shown is exploration only, and not fully actualised by the brand. For over 60 years, SEAT has been a leading automotive brand in the Spanish market. However, with the advent of the world economic crisis and increasingly challenging regional market conditions, it became critical for SEAT to make a bold change. Consumers have grown accustomed to amazing branding experiences in all areas of their lives. They want it all. When it comes to buying cars, they are no different. To consumers, it is not a question of choosing performance over price, or design over function. They want cars that meet all their needs - unquestionable quality, breathtaking aesthetics and story-worthy experiences. At the heart of SEAT’s evolution is its newfound conviction. SEAT has therefore developed its brand platform, values and positioning to reflect an ambition to deliver the combination of superior engineering and pure enjoyment: Enjoyneering, technology for everyone to enjoy. Enjoyneering is customer-centric and inspires all of SEAT’s activities, communicating quality and coherence through every expression of the brand. The SEAT logo has come a long way. It has been redrawn, simplified over the ages.
 Always looking forward to connecting with its consumers, helping them navigate throughout decades, and evolving along with them in their life.
 Always reflecting what SEAT offers, how the brand behaves, looks, feels and talks to them. From an emblem grounded in the 60’s to a both spirited and precise symbol expressing what today’s values mean for tomorrow. The new logo, an reflects the rational-emotional balance of the brand. The symbol - a symmetrical emblem characterized by tensioned lines - is precisely sculpted and rooted in modernity. Its unique design demonstrates SEAT’s rejuvenated commitment to precision technology, engineering excellence and innovation. The SEAT brand expression has a strong force line, the diagonal, which harkens back to Barcelona’s iconic avenue, “Diagonal”. This diagonal anchors the creative vision, and is an essential part of the SEAT DNA. The warm pallette continues to allude to the passionate Spanish heart of the brand.

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